Princess Parties Touring Group

Princess Parties is an annual touring group made up of popular princess, heroes, princes, superheros and villains. Characters are booked out to community events, birthday parties, and used in our continuing effort to bless the community. Businesses will have the opportunity to “Sponsor” characters to attend events and also hospitals, nursing homes, festivals, community homes, etc. Characters may also be booked out individually or in small groups to childrens birthday parties. Characters will be expected to sing (if they have a “song”), dance and act as the character they will be playing.

This class will delve into deep characterization. Becoming the actual characters they will be playing. How to talk like, sing like, be like, even think like whichever characters they are rehearsing as. We will also go into the technical aspects of singing with proper tone and placement and delivering songs in character at all times, even if vocally challenging.

All students will be accepted into the class to start. After the class session is complete there will be an audition to be cast in the roles they have been working towards. Character List will not be set until casting is complete. Once casting is complete the students cast will continue class for an additional 4-8ish weeks. They will continue to pay the monthly fee during this time. ONLY STUDENTS CAST WILL CONTINUE CLASS. During this time parent committees will become active. Students will be costumed, wigged, learn makeup, and learn their specific roles. Around the beginning of the year they will be able to start attending events and be booked out.

Students who are cast and sent out to perform will be paid.  For every paid booking the characters attend they will receive a small stipend. They will be responsible for getting themselves into character and transportation to the events. Students will also be required to attend 5 or so free events to promote Arts Ave.

Parents, please note that if your child is cast there will be additional involvement on your part to help make this tour group a success. A parent meeting will be held once cast list is announced to cover these details. If student is over 18 they may act in place of the parent. There is also a $50 Production Fee required to cover additional costs of the class. Only students cast in the tour group will pay the added production fee. This fee will help cover costumes, wigs, character specific items, specialty items, etc.

***This class is an EXCELLENT resume builder!


This class will meet on Fridays from 7:30-9:00pm beginning on October 18th and going through January 24th with no classes the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas break, or January 10th.  

Auditions to be cast in the touring group will be January 24th – 7:30-10:00pm.
All vocal ranges are needed. Possibility of adding villains, princes, and superheroes if enough males join class.


Tuition for this class is $210.  This can be paid in full or broken down into three monthly payments of $70 (October through December).

In February a $50 production fee will be due for those students who are cast, plus an additional $70 for one additional month of tuition with classes/rehearsals each Friday in February.