* Music

The General Music Classes consist of fun, age appropriate, and developmentally sound experiences leading to the introduction and development of musical skills and knowledge (Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Melody, Tempo & Dynamics).

Music activities include many opportunities for students to sing, play instruments, move to music, listen/analyze, learn basic music notation (read and write), create and perform.

Mediums used in lessons include, but are not limited to, American Folk songs and chants, children’s literature, storytelling, composer studies, rhythm instruments, instrument families of the orchestra, props, puppets, dramatization, singing games and movement.  Grades 3 – 5 will also learn to play the ‘recorder’ (a 12th century wind instrument).

To teach the students the value of sharing their gifts to bless others, the second half of the year will include a musical presentation for parents and friends as well as ministry opportunities (group performances) at nursing homes, day care centers, etc.

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