Heroes, Princesses and Villains Touring Group

Our brand new Heroes, Princesses, and Villains Tour Group is an annual touring group made up of popular princesses, heroes, princes, superheros and villains. Characters will be booked out to community events, birthday parties, and used in our continuing effort to bless the community. Businesses will have the opportunity to “sponsor” characters to attend events and also hospitals, nursing homes, festivals, community homes, etc. Characters may also be booked out individually or in small groups to children’s birthday parties. Characters will be expected to sing (if they have a “song”), dance and act as the character they will be playing.

To be considered for this tour group, students must take our Story Through Song class.  At the completion of that class, students will be eligible to audition for the tour group.  If cast, the student will be required to take an 8-week class to learn and perfect the role(s) they will be playing.  During this time students will also be assigned costumes and wigs and will learn how to apply their character makeup. (Our first 8-week class session is tentatively set for Summer 2020.)

Students who are cast and sent out to perform will be paid.  For every paid booking the characters attend they will receive a small stipend. They will be responsible for getting themselves into character and transportation to the events. Students will also be required to attend 5 or so free events to promote Arts Avenue.

Parents, please note that if your child is cast there will be additional involvement on your part to help make this tour group a success. A parent meeting will be held once the cast list is announced to cover these details. If the student is over 18 they may act in place of the parent.

***This class is an EXCELLENT resume builder!


Students cast in the tour group will need to pay $170 for the 8-week training class.  There will also be a $75 production fee to help cover the costs of costuming, wigs, advertising, etc. due at the start of the 8-week training class.